Wormonkeys Königreich - Concertante mini performance
...a Multimedia-Collage on old an new invented myths...

Flyer to the Performance
Grafik: Edda Strobl

Concertante mini performance (15 min) at Forum Stadtpark Graz
Assisted by: Lucie, Claudia Holzer, Arne Glöckner, Helmut Kaplan

On stage: the film „At the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place“ is projected on a large screen in the background – in the front, Chinese silky fowls are shown on seven monitors in different sizes. In between, on the floor, a huge worm crawls slowly on a talcum trail. Stroblak performs a musical piece.

Starting from the song „King Monkey“ of the Grazer band „Liebenau“ from 1993, in which two myths – the search for good fortune in a foreign country and the story of the monkey king Su Wukong – are woven together, Stroblak developed the mini performance "Wormonkeys Königreich".

In the musical piece there are soundscapes, sound fragments, computer generated materials and the song „King Monkey“ woven together in a dense structure. The corresponding film describes in several images strangers who try to settle down at the wrong place. Who communicate with the wrong creatures, leave the place without having accomplished anything. Turnarounds, misunderstandings ...

The Movie „At the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place“

Stroblak imposing the Worm on Lucie

Wormdriver: Lucie Oblak
Soundtechnician Performance 1: Claudia Holzer
Soundtechnician Performance 2: Arne Glöckner
Movie "At the Wrong Time in the Wrong Place" - Camera: Helmut Kaplan, Cut: Edda Strobl
Silkhen videos Cut: Renatn Oblak
Costumes: Stroblak
Fotos: Helmut Kaplan
Translation: Karin Buol

Thanks to: Heidrun Primas, Andi Heller, Simon Häußle, Almuth Bertha, Gudrun Riedl