Schards are normal - A Particle on the Performance "Wormonkey's Königreich""

"Things" that remain of the transient event of a performance: a few photographs that show how it had been, some props, costumes, the instruction, videos, ...
In this case Stroblak shows the fragmented picture of the performance "Wormonkey's Königreich" created in winter/spring 2015 at the Schaumbad, performed at the Forum Stadtpark in April and June.
We ask ourselves: what happens if we think about the remnants of the performance? What effects has the distance to the event – temporal as well as with regards to content? Will this distance – which has also to be a critical one – enable us to develop the performance further? (Or will we be stuck in the poetry of splinters and shards?) Which story will we tell? And: how will it be when the music is missing?
The exhibits are two photos and a text under titel "Praise And Reproof".

Renate Oblak, sewing the worm costume
Foto: Edda Strobl
Lucie comes out of the worm, end of the performance "Wormonkeys Königreich" 25.6.2015, Forum Stadtpark, Graz
Foto: Helmut Kaplan


Feedback mostly positive. From "one of the best performances I’ve seen" over more differentiated opinions such us "I liked especially the film" up to "Thanks!" or "I didn’t fully understand it, but I like it very much."

More important is criticism.
* the arrangement of the elements of the performance was not ideal. The musicians acted on the side and seemed like technicians – they should be in the centre in the background, directly in front of the projection.
* the dramaturgy suffers, if all elements have to be dealt with at the same time in only 15 minutes. The performance should be prolonged to 30 minutes. Some elements of the performance could stand alone, bit by bit others could be added or they end. (H. K.)


Grilling with friends in the countryside. Somehow the talking hits the topic "Wormonkeys Königreich".

W. R. (upset): The worm is a giant penis and a kid is in it! That’s child labour. It is even child sex labour!
E. S.: Well, I’ve never seen a penis with two ends. Moreover, it is an annelid... (pun with German Gliederwurm = annelid and Glied = penis)
Interruption W. R.: That’s just what I said – GLIED!
E. S. (remains calm): ...based on an earthworm. And, not everything that’s longer than broad, is phallic!
R. O. (proudly, from behind): W., you are just envious!
E. S. (conciliatory): It’s okay to see the worm as phallus. You know, because it’s art. You can read anything into art.
U. M. (has no doubts): For me it’s a feminist work.
R. O. (rolls her eyes): We are not feminists!
E. S. (still remains calm): And regarding child’s labour: L. didn’t have to work, she was only the driver of the worm and she received the most applause anyway. She acted as a performer, voluntarily, and: in art there are no age limits.
H. K. (happy): I have an idea for a Stroblak performance, for four annelids. Titled PHALLI IN THE DIRT and subtitled "The Downfall of Phallocratic Neoliberalism".